Madrid, Spain

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El Arpa's Lavapies Tour of Old Shops & Bars

The El Arpa Tour

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Walking Tour of Lavapies

Our five stops on this walking tour will leave you breathless, so good job we finish at the famous Anton Sanchez bar!

Learn about hot air balloons and bullfighters in this walk around the charming Lavapies

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Audioguides of Madrid Neighbourhoods

From the famous terraces of the Bernabeu to the classical sounds of Opera, you can learn about all the hidden stories with our App.


With several walks already available, more will be added soon!

We are!

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We Are Your Guides

Our voices are on the App, and we will personally lead you around Madrid. With experience and local knowledge, we guarantee you won't miss a thing.

Meri has four years of leading tours in the archaeology museum, while Indy has led tours around the city centre.

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